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How does Koasis increase their partner's band width?

We take the responsibility of recruiting, vetting, and contracting media vendors, so our partners don't have to. Koasis also provides project feedback and consultation to all parties involved to negate "middle man" communication.

What's an example of how Koasis displays transparency?

Koasis encourages media education and partner participation through meetings and shared screens. In particular, to prevent back and forth revisions, we make live revisions to graphic design assets while presenting our Adobe Illustrator window.

How can my company benefit from partnering with Koasis?

Partnering with Koasis means accessing a unified network of experienced creatives, consistent yet competitive rates for any project, as well as project management from media's perspective. We are a media house created to support marketing.

What does your creative process (or pre-production) look like?

Our creative process consists of media examples, mood boards, meetings, shot lists, storyboards, and scripts. We believe it's important to capture the vision, and that is best conducted during pre-production.

What happens if my client isn't happy with the media created by Koasis?

The client experience is one of our top priorities. Hence why we encourage client participation/review throughout each phase of a project, and clearly define best opportunities to make changes before a final deliverable is provided. In the event that a client becomes unhappy, the account is escalated and diagnosed for issues. Possible solutions are provided, and the client is accommodated throughout the process until satisfied with the end results of the project.

Does Koasis have standardized pricing? If so, what does flexibility look like?

Due to our business model, Koasis works off of industry standard rates. Our flexibility is determined by our collective, as we respect their experience and craft, but can be accommodated based off the project's deadline, creative control, and difficulty.